Problem solving approach
BRVND® is a small branding consultancy founded by Kostadin Kostadinov a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience of working for big international advertising firms as well as for small boutique design studios in the process helping develop the visual campaign language of internationally recognized brands and launch some promising start-ups.

BRNVD® was founded to take advantage of both traditional office space and the modern internet based communication tools can offer, making it a core team of just a few people and extended équipe of frequent collaborators from all over the world.
We believe that the goal of the graphic design is to serve as a problem solving tool for businesses in a saturated marketplace and an environment of ever growing noise. As such it should introduce order and simplicity to complex or unfocused systems. As such the goal is to create personalized, unique, original and most important honest visual solutions.
Our client list comprises mainly from brands that we helped launch or successfully re-brand, and we couldn't be any more proud of that:
Attack Concerts, Luxury Wood, Crown Ocean Capital, Vita V, the Smile Company, Raw Audio, Monza, Music Made My Day, Bert Frank, Bond & Stinson, Bottleship VFX, Freak Clothing, Owl, Blue Pro Studios and more...
Work experience
We are comprised of individuals which have worked for such brands as:
Heineken, Kraft Jacobs Suchard AG, Jamie Oliver, Bayer, Nestle, Iveco, Postbank, Hyperoptic, Vinprom Peshtera, Peak Games, Copter+++, MiDrone etc.
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